TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator

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A recovery image of your computer is stored on the hard drive. You can create recovery media from the image using TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator. If you create recovery media in advance, you can recover the system from the recovery media even if you cannot recover the system from the hard drive.


NOTE: You need to have administrator authority to use this program.


To perform the following types of operation, you have to log on as a user having administrator authority:


  • Installing this program
  • Uninstalling this program
  • Executing this program
  • The type of media that can be used to create a recovery media with this program depends on the model.

With a model that has a DVD write function, recordable DVD other than DVD-RAM can be used to create a recovery DVD. With a model that has a CD write function, recordable CD can be used to create a recovery CD. When recording data to a CD, use a 650 MB or 700 MB CD. With a model that does not have an internal ODD drive, USB flash memory can be used  to create a recovery media. If two or more recovery medias are created, use media of the same standards.


If this utility or feature is not installed on your computer, you can verify if it is available for your specific model under "Downloads" on the TOSHIBA support web site (support.toshiba.com). Not all utilities are available for every model and operating system. When installing any utilities, install the TOSHIBA Value Added Package first.


Windows 7 and Windows 8 operate similarly when creating recovery media.


CLICK HERE for instructions on creating or purchasing recovery media in Windows 7.