Re: Driveres and BIOS upgrade on NB505 (Intel G.M.Acelerator 3150, BIOS v1.90)

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Driveres and BIOS upgrade on NB505 (Intel G.M.Acelerator 3150, BIOS v1.90)

Hi. I recently knew that the driver of my video card was getting troubles, when i was exploring my windows i found a sort of performance manager; there where 3 or 4 advertisements related to the driver of my video card, so i decided to check out if any update was allready on the official pages. I get in into the intel officiial page and found that there was an update available for my driver video card; however, i did install it 'cause it say something like"no matter if these driver is recently than that one you have, it may be better than these "generic" driver for the reason that your enterprise (provider i think, i dont know what it means, refering to the driver already install in the netbook in fisrt place when you open the box) customize it bearing in mind the especifications of your computer, and so on.

So, these is true?

One more thing is these related to the BIOS. I run the Biosagentplus recommended for EVEREST and it check if there was and update available and found that my BIOS need to be updated. My BIOS version is 1.90 which i install it a coupple of days after buy it for an announce provided for my toshiba message center. The information of the BIOS that recommend me to upgrade is these, i put you the log:



BIOS Date:June 2nd 2011



Chipset: Intel A010 rev 2




So my question is whether there are and update available? or if i just install it wrong? cause theres no other explanation for why those the biosagentplus detects that my computer needs and bios update.

Thanks from now 


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Re: Driveres and BIOS upgrade on NB505 (Intel G.M.Acelerator 3150, BIOS v1.90)

I just noticed this topic - even though it is about a month old, does anyone have any feedback?  I am kind of curious about this myself, as all things BIOS & Drivers updating, etc, are not things that I know a heck of a lot about.

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Re: Driveres and BIOS upgrade on NB505 (Intel G.M.Acelerator 3150, BIOS v1.90)

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Hi, I think the problem might be with your Biosagent software, and not with the actual updates you installed for the bios or Intel gm accelerator. You might want to try removing your Biosagent software completely, and then re-installing it and seeing if it still tells you that you need to update. As far as I know v1.90 is the latest version for the Bios, at least for my computer (NB505-N508BN).


Just a couple of days ago, I updated the the Bios, Intel display driver and Toshiba HDD/SSD alert on my computer. I went to the Downloads page on the Toshiba support site to check if there are any updates available for my machine.On this Downloads page you can select your particular computer model. Since I had bought my computer around May/June 2011, I looked only at updates posted after that date and downloaded and installed those. I ignored all the other recommended updates for Toshiba software like TVAP, reeltime etc. and only installed the three I mentioned. Everything seems to have installed ok. The version of Bios I now have after updating is v1.90.


This is the downloads page, for those who are interested: