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Resizing and moving the keyboard

When I first got my Libretto I could resize the keyboard and move it around, but it was hard to get it back to "default". Then it started working very well and I loved being able to work on two screens and have a tiny little keyboard that was usable, but not in the way. If I made it too small for my fingers, it was easy to use a mouse with it - precision clicking without having to push the mouse around a big area. While resizing and moving the keyboard, a red border appeared around it.  Also clicking at the top would cause the overlay with a grid of options to appear just like the one for other windows. Now the keyboard is no longer resizable, and I can only move it from one screen to the other by clicking the icon at the top right. I have installed a couple of updates, but I do not recall that they said anything about changes to the keyboard. Has there been a software change, or have I changed a setting without realizing it? I miss having that control over the keyboards.

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Re: Resizing and moving the keyboard

My keyboard is freaking on me also. I can not resize this - I have to do a restore - what a pain !