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New BIOS Posted

Hey All W100 and 105 owners...Toshiba US has posted a new BIOS. It has some major changes. I installed the night, so far so good...

Version 1.30 - 2011-01-26
•Improved Battery Management.
•Improved Deploy Center 5.5 recovery speed.
•Added support for the McAfee Endpoint Encryption eToken.
•Added support for the Paragon Backup & Recovery Suite.
•Implemented the INTEL specification for the Intel 5 Series Chipset to improve stability.
•Implemented the INTEL specification for the Intel Pentium U5400 Mobile Processor Series to improve stability.
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Re: New BIOS Posted


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Re: New BIOS Posted

I installed this yesterday and it looks like this may have helped the battery run-down problem when the PC is switched-off or hibernated.  After leaving it overnight I still have 98% battery left, this seems to be a major improvement but will need to leave it for a few more days to make sure.



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Re: New BIOS Posted

Thanks for the heads up.  


Hope it is simple to do.