Durability of Libretto w100 screens

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Durability of Libretto w100 screens

Hey all,


Does anyone know how durable the screens are on the Libretto w100? Is it alright to keep it in my satchel bag (in the supplied case) with my university text books? I do a lot of travelling and would hate to think that the glass / digitizer would crack with only small amounts of pressure. Also, how scratch resistant is the glass as I can't seem to find any mention of it being Gorilla glass and don't know whether or not I should use a screen protector?


Thanks in advance! :-)

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Re: Durability of Libretto w100 screens

Are you storing the Libretto open or closed like a laptop? I carry my Libretto in a neoprene zipper sleeve designed for the Kindle in a laptop bag. I've owned the Libretto for the year without issue and the screen seems very durable.