Connecting to a monitor or projector

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Connecting to a monitor or projector

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Much as I love my libretto, some things are just not comfortable to view on the tiny displays with the large gap in the middle. In addition, I love traveling with the lightweight little Libretto, but in my work on the road I often need to make a presentation. I was looking into buying a USB Graphics Adapter for connecting a monitor or projector, but I got the following advice from Plugable:


Unfortunately, there are two potential red flags with this system:
1) The 1.2Ghz processor is below our recommended minimum for running USB graphics on Win 7. Rendering will be sluggish at higher resolutions.
2) The dual touchscreen requires custom touch drivers, and often those drivers will freak out when a third display is around (at the very least, it is problematic to move the pointer to the third display)
Other than those two problems, however, actually the USB graphics device will not be limited to any particular resolution - it can hit higher modes, completely independent of the main GPU's limitations. But, again, the problem will be that rendering will be slow at those high modes, mostly because of the CPU.
So while your original concern isn't a problem, I think these other two issues are important, and unfortunately wouldn't recommend a USB graphics solution for the machine for this reason. I know that might leave you with no solution at all for getting to a 3rd monitor, but I'd rather save you the frustration of a solution that might get tantalizingly close, but have problems.


Have other Libretto users tried connecting to monitors or projectors? Has this been your experience, or are there any success stories out there?


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Re: Connecting to a monitor or projector

I have connected my Libretto to the DynaDock V (Uses the DisplayLink USB Video Card) and was able to get the 3rd monitor to work, it works best if you have the lower touchscreen and bulletin board mode...I connected to a 1280x1024 monitor and it ran fine.


I tried it once at work with my 1080p Monitor and it struggled. Another option is a Pico-projector that supports SD Cards, that was you can do the presentation with-out a computer.

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Re: Connecting to a monitor or projector

I succed using Chronos USBVGA adapter (it may with other & cheaper one) and applied with the StarTech Win7 USB-VGA adapter.

To onnect to projector, apply monitor (screen 1 & 3 as duplicat / majoe screen. Monitor 2 (bottom Libretto monitor) as extended monitir.