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Service Station for Windows Vista

I installed Toshiba Service Station for Windows Vista and there is no tray icon or anything to indicate whether it is working or not. Any tips or suggestion. I found 2 old posts about it but no details how does it work?


I just don't know what to expect.



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Re: Service Station for Windows Vista

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Re: Service Station for Windows Vista

As far as I can tell, it seems to be a new version of the old Toshiba Software Upgrades...which never had anything to offer either.


Maybe at some future point Toshiba will use the program to alert users to new drivers or whatever, but historically they seldom have updated drivers.


BIOSes on the other hand, seem to get plenty of updates, not sure why the Service Station app doesn't push those out to users.

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Re: Service Station for Windows Vista

Hi - I just got the first pop up on my new Satellite L355 ... for some reason, it occurred to me that this "Service Station" might not be legit.  I guess it is based on the discussions here.  Lots of comments from Feb09 & Apr09 that it doesn't do much. Now it's Sep09. Does the newer version do the advertised things - updates and updated drivers, and patches, etc.  I guess based on what I've read I'm going to agree to it but I would sure hate to find out it's a scam or a trojan horse.  Experiences?  Anytime.  Thanks    M.