Satellite A505-s6960 recovery disk for vista 64bit

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Satellite A505-s6960 recovery disk for vista 64bit

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Umm i installed windows 7 and i never made the recovery disk for when i had vista whanted to know if you you guys can give me it thx you, if not just send me the recovery utilities for windows vista home premium 64bit, toshiba satellite a505-s6960 plz i really need it

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Re: Satellite A505-s6960 recovery disk for vista 64bit

Please see this message for information about how to get recovery media from Toshiba.




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Satellite A505-S6960 drivers

My hard drive was upgraded for my Satellite A505-S6960. I have had multiple issues creating a recovery disk for the operating system. I am still using my old hard drive now due to the fact the the Satellite A505-S6960 drivers are no longer available for download on the Toshiba website, I called support and they advised me to use the A505-6980 drivers for Windows 7 and I am not using windows 7, I have Vista Ultimate.


Will the Satellite A505-S6960 drivers become available on toshibas website? I cannot make a successful restore disk from the current version of Windows Vista that I have on my laptop. I would like to perform a clean installation of the operating system but I was told that I must pay 24.95 to have these disks shipped to me. I have not had a bad experience with Toshiba until now when I want to upgrade my system. I am now being told by support that if I cannot create a recovery disk I have to buy it.


I will say that when I purchase something I want to change things when I want and not be extorted out of 24.95 because support cannot even help me create a recovery disk because they cannot even do it on their own systems at their desk talking to me on the phone.


I do feel that when I purchased this system I would not have any issues. Now the support drivers I can no longer download for my model, I am told that I have to use another model because these drivers are compatible with it and I am being told that the windows 7 drivers will work for windows Vista.


I see the life span of September of 2009 when I purchaswed this system brand new till Jan 2, 2010 is no longer supported and downloads are now unavailable.


In the end. I have paid the 24.95 for the recovery disks and drivers that will be rushed mailed to me


and I have made a learning experience out of this. Make sure to have the Full Recovery disks of the computer I purchase and check to make sure the company that I purchased the computer from isnt going to pull the product line off its website for support.


I will fix this laptop up nice and use it till it no longer has a use and I will not make a purchase of a toshiba product again.


I want what I want because I paid for it. If you want my loyalty for a customer, then fix your policy on making the customer want to make a return purchase.


Thank you.






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Re: Satellite AWAY-S6960 drivers

Had my laptop for five days and created the recovery disks before going online with toshiba's wounderful software. After the creation of each disk verification of contents was completed and everything was fine. Desided to test it. got error cannot find preinst3.swm file. Toshibas wounderful recovery creation software sucks then clearly. Desided then to install vista ultimate edition. At the end of the install i get the message telling me  windows cannot change the boot options installation failed.


Now boo hoo what to do .. Called toshiba and got through to there SUPER qualified indian crew who were as much use as **bleep** on a fish. Told me that it was bad cds. COULDNT POSSIBLY be there verification of contents software that was screwy. ??


So yeah toshiba have a hidden partition on the hard drive for recovering there systems. *unsure why they dont make this public.


To access said partition take battery of your laptop and hold down the 0 key located next to right key and press power button . Relese 0 key one beep sounds. Problem solved....


Why dont toshiba want people to know this?? Perhaps because they charge 24 bucks for a recovery cd to be sent to your house that should come with the computer in the first place. Hmmm??


Failing installations still and have a different copy of windows but cant install due to windows being unable to change boot options?


Format the whole lot with a linux disk. Start over.


Thanks toshiba for a wounderful product. REALLY! thank you!


Soulda got a mac or a hp.

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Re: Satellite AWAY-S6960 drivers

The information about the hard drive based recovery system is well documented in the User's Guide that came on your hard drive in Adobe Acrobat Format and can be downloaded from the Product Support Link at the top of this page.  That information normally begins on or about page 58 to 60 of the user's guide.


If you don't post your COMPLETE model number it's very difficult to assist you. Please try to post in complete sentences with punctuation, capitals, and correct spelling. Toshiba does NOT provide any direct support in these forums. All support is User to User in their spare time.

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Re: Satellite AWAY-S6960 drivers

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Well that is nice, and I knew this too, read it and the RECOVERY DISK PROCESS does not work, tried it with the Toshiba techs also and THEY couldnt get it to work on their computer in front of them. I paid the 24.95 for the FREE disks


When this laptop dies, Ill seek another brand name.