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Deleting Browsing History Does Not Delete History Fully

Hello everybody. I have been trying to fully erase my history, but for some reason, Autocomplete URL's continue to be filled in for certain URL's as I enter them in the address bar. It seems as if the only URL's that aren't fully erased are from a certain time period (probably within a fifteen minute time period) about two weeks ago. I have downloaded numerous programs trying to erase them, I have done the Typed URL's registry edit, I have used Safe Mode to try and erase them, all to no avail, I have tried manually erasing them by clicking the drop down box and clicking the red "X" next to each link. I am running Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 8. If anybody could provide me with alternate means of erasing these undeletable URL's, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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Re: Deleting Browsing History Does Not Delete History Fully


What happens when you reset IE?


   How to reset Internet Explorer settings