wifi issue with satellite c855-s5308

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wifi issue with satellite c855-s5308



I cannot connect to my d-link di-624 router via wifi. I have dell, hp, bunch of i-pods/phones which can connect with no problem. I use WEP with hex key. I can connect via cable though to the same router with no problem. It tries to connect, but few seconds later fails with "can't connect" error. The trouble shooter advises to get closer to the access point, but it's already on the same table, can't be more closer than this... I called tech support, and they say I have to go for the prime support for this... well I just bought a new PC that does not work, and have to pay to make it work??  It was a Christmas gift for my kid, she was so happy until I start setting this up, now she is almost ready to cry... :-( Any help with this is very much appreciated.

I'm almost ready to buy a new pc and return this one back.


Thank you.

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Re: wifi issue with satellite c855-s5308

Try the solutions in this article.


Troubleshooting Wi-Fi (Wireless) Problems

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