Windows 8 Recovery Media?

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Windows 8 Recovery Media?

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This might be a dumb question (and quite honestly I hope it is), but is the process for creating/using recovery media on Toshiba machines that shipped with Windows 8 significantly different than it was for Toshiba machines that shipped with Windows 7?


If so, how is the process different?


Provided a Toshiba machine that shipped with Windows 8 has an optical drive, can the user still make both Recovery DVDs and Recovery USB Flash Drives?


For any given Toshiba machine that shipped with Windows 8, is there any limit to how many copies of the Recovery Media the user is permitted make, within reason?


These are things I'd like to know before purchasing new hardware.


Thanks much!


EDIT:  Oops!  I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum.  I apologize to the moderators if they need to move it.

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Re: Windows 8 Recovery Media?

This location is fine. In fact, for now I'd actually prefer to have anything related to Windows 8 in one place!


Making recovery media should be the same procedure, and no, there aren't any limits.


Just a note for anyone else who reads this: For units that are upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8, you may not be able to make recovery media after upgrading. It's strongly recommended that you create recovery media BEFORE upgrading.


On machines that ship with Windows 8, holding the '0'-key during boot (on the models I tested anyways) takes you to the Advanced Startup Options screen rather than directly to the recovery utility. However, you can choose "Reset your PC" under the Troubleshooting option to access the recovery utility.

- Peter
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Re: Windows 8 Recovery Media?

Awesome!  I really liked Toshiba's recovery system for Windows 7, so I'm pleased to hear that it hasn't changed too much.


Thanks, Peter.