Windows 8 Becomes Very Slow on Satellite C855D-S5320

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Windows 8 Becomes Very Slow on Satellite C855D-S5320

I have my Toshiba w/ Windows  8, and after about a month of use it becomes very slow, and cannot do the simplest of tasks, like open browers even bring up File Explorer. It does this until I do a PC Refresh or reinstall Windows, then it works for a bit and acts up again. I returned the PC, and they replaced the Hard Drive. It worked great for about a month. Now it is doing it again? It is not a RAM problem, Memtest and Windows tests said nothing was wrong, and now it sounds as if the HDD may be failing. I hear a slight screech every so often from the laptop. Anything I can do for a quick fix?? Anyone with the same problem? I really need some help. Really making me mad. Thanks.

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Re: Windows 8 Becomes Very Slow on Satellite C855D-S5320

Having exact same problem with my C855D-S5340. Sent it to repair end of December, they replaced the HD, installed new BIOS, it worked for about a month and same problems are occuring again: I have to turn off and rebooot 8 or 10 times a day, it freezes on some websites, non-responsive to commmands, the libraries have disappeared and won't restore, get prompts like "..........not responding", slow to load web pages, etc etc etc. I hate to have to go through that process about calling a csr, waiting on a box to get here with the shipping papers, etc. Why they don't use local repair facilities is beyond me; there is a a Toshiba certified repair facility near here and I have to send to Nashville;; this is BS. At least I have the good old reliable Windows 7 laptop I have never had a minute's problems with.

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Re: Windows 8 Becomes Very Slow on Satellite C855D-S5320

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Satellite C855D-S5320


Satellite C855D-S5340



You should both install this AMD patch.


   A microcode update is available for Windows 8-based computers that use AMD processors



If the problem persists after restarting Windows, tell us what happens after a boot into Safe Mode.


   Settings > Power > Shift + Restart > Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart > Startup Settings menu (select #4)

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Re: Windows 8 Becomes Very Slow on Satellite C855D-S5320

I went through the same process. New HDD and BIOS. I sent mine to Louisvlle and everything. I will try the patch the other man suggested on here and see if it fixes all this. If not I will most likely call again about a refund of some kind! I was getting to where my Music and Pictures libarary didn't even "Exist" so I was getting fairly mad....