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Windows 8.1 - Drivers Updater Problem [Toshiba Service Station]

I just want to ask about 'Toshiba Service Station'. This is what I'm using to update my drivers for Windows 8.1 and I think I have a problem with it. The download process is so slow. I have a 2MBPS connection and the 10mb driver update took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish the download. Now I'm downloading the 290MB update and I wonder how many days will it took me to finish it. 


I started downloading the 290MB file (AMD Display Driver) last night. But the download progress doesn't reach half an inch yet. My gosh. How should I react on this? Or what should I do? Persevere / endure? Hahaha. Please, give me ways to improve this or to solve this. Thank you!




 My laptop model is Satellite C40D - A


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Re: Windows 8.1 - Drivers Updater Problem [Toshiba Service Station]

FWIW, I have endured the same problem. I have a 50Mbps Fiber line and it took forever for the Service Station to download the updates.  I managed to download and install all but one of the drivers.  My Intel display update of 302Meg downloaded, but after install it keeps indicating it needs to be updated.


Just hang in there and persevere.

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Re: Windows 8.1 - Drivers Updater Problem [Toshiba Service Station]



I have the same problem too, these update downloads take forever!  I'm not experienceing the lag as long as you are, but it's painful.  Not sure if trying to communicate off-peak hours with Toshiba would help?


I've managed to get them all downloaded except for the wireless driver.  It's telling me I have to manually remove the current driver for the download to work, so I go into device manager and perform the task, but it doesn't seem to want to accept the new driver?


Anyway, good luck!

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Re: Windows 8.1 - Drivers Updater Problem [Toshiba Service Station]

I was experiencing the same issues on my Toshiba Satellite L855, then I found Toshiba's Alerts on the Service Station:

"Toshiba will be releasing updated components via the Toshiba Service Station starting with the October 18, 2013 release of Windows 8.1 by Microsoft. If you are planning on updating your current Windows version to Windows 8.1 you will need to download and install these Toshiba components first. After updating to Windows 8.1 you should run the Toshiba Service Station again to check for and download any additional components.

The latest Toshiba components for your computer can also be found at"

At first I was also checking for updated components using the Service Station but it was taking forever; going through the Service Station's options I found the Alerts section and read the notice above so, I went directly to the support website and just started looking up for the missing components on the Software Updates list from the Service Station, downloaded them one by one really fast then installed them manually; it took me like 45 minutes vs. the whole night had I left Service Station's Software Updates do the job for me.

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Re: Windows 8.1 - Drivers Updater Problem [Toshiba Service Station]

I had the same problem with the service station. What I did was take the list from the service station and went to the Toshiba driver page and downloaded them from there. As I did this each one I installed would delete itself from the list. The only one that didn't was the Intel Display driver. It went much faster that way. The service station icon was on the bottom bar in Desktop so when I needed to get info from there I just clicked it. I did not install from the service station, just viewed the list of drivers it needed to update. I hope this helps until they fix the updated service station.


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Re: Windows 8.1 - Drivers Updater Problem [Toshiba Service Station]



Experiencing problem with Toshiba Service Station? Any Toshiba laptop has its own hidden partition. Copies for this application can be found under desktop assist, search for Toshiba Application Installer or Application Installer. It might be under system settings as well. You can try uninstalling the Toshiba Service Station app under programs and reinstall it using the Toshiba Application Installer. Any driver and utility missing will be there. The last option only will be pulling out those drivers and utility under website.




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Re: Windows 8.1 - Drivers Updater Problem [Toshiba Service Station]

Got a new Toshiba C55-A5285 Windows 8.1 laptop 2 weeks ago.  Toshiba Service Station had 4 updates showing to which I downloaded "all".  3 updates were successful but the "Atheros wireless LAN driver," just will not update and just keeps reappearing in a TSS.

Why does this happen?  Do I ignore it or am I missing something.

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Re: Windows 8.1 - Drivers Updater Problem [Toshiba Service Station]

Greg, It might have been erroneously included in TSS.  Go to Device Manager and see what's listed under Network Adapters.  If the Wireless LAN adapter listed there is other than Atheros, just ignore it. If it is Atheros, try downloading it direct from the Toshiba site HERE and installing it manually.


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