Toshiba Hotkey Driver

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Toshiba Hotkey Driver

HELP! My computer is only 6 months old and my external mouse all of sudden stopped working, after many call and many research I have found that under my device manager, under Human Interface Devices, Hotkeys Driver has an exclamation point on it, the driver may be currupt. I have requested the update the driver option but it is not updating. How can I fix the hotkey driver please? I need help. Toshiba tech support won't help unless I have them $170.00 I don't have that, I am a full time student?

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Re: Toshiba Hotkey Driver

Hi I'm not a W8 user. I think the advisors that can help you, are taking the July 4th week end off. I Googled your problem and came up with this link???

Ps You can check this out or wait for a W8 user!!


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