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P750-BT4G22 Function keys on Windows 8

I can't get the function keys to work, and the Flash Cards also do not work. I've installed:


 - Toshiba System Driver (TVALZ)

 - Toshiba Value Added Package

 - Toshiba Flash Cards Support Utility

 - Toshiba Function Key


I'm assuming this is due to the drivers being in Beta, but I was wondering if anyone else experienced this and/or knew of a solution.

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Re: P750-BT4G22 Function keys on Windows 8

Well with the BETA VAP package installed they work as long as you dont enter full 3D mode on the qosmio x870 series.


You cant use any functions when you enter fullscreen 3D.

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Re: P750-BT4G22 Function keys on Windows 8

I u=installed windows 8 and had it for about a grand total of about an hour before I reverted back to Windows 7 Ultimate.  It was very buggy, and even with 32GB of Ram, I found long delays in loads.  Quite frankly, I don't see a great deal of reason to go to Windows 8 unless you are using a tablet or other touchscreen device like an all-in-one.  (just my opinion)