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Code 19 on DVD Rom in windows 8

Hi I recently install Win 8 on my Toshiba Satellite Laptop C675, and know I have a code 19 on the cd/dvd driver. I tried everything, I check for a driver update - doesn't work, I uninstall and reinstall the driver - doesn't work, I try to delete the upper limit/lower limit, but when I open the registry and check for those on the {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}, does options are not available. I also uninstall ZUNE software, but it doesn't work. I try to add an external dvd and have the same problem code 19. I also removed all my dvd writer software including the Toshiba recovery disk creator.

Please somebody help, this is a new laptop, and I love windows 8!!!

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Re: Code 19 on DVD Rom in windows 8

If the Fix it here does not work, try this (after disconnecting the USB drive).


Uninstall all the drivers for optical drives in Device Manager. Perform the registry surgery in the attachment. Then reboot to reinstall the driver for the internal drive.

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Re: Code 19 on DVD Rom in windows 8

Is this the real fix for this? I just developed this problem in August 2013 after trying to install software from the DVD drive after a windows 8 upgrade to this Sat C655D-.S5531. So many people must be having this issue that corporate must have issued a formal fix.