How To: Using Disk Cleanup to free up disk space

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How can I free up disk space on my computer?


Windows Disk Cleanup will help by deleting uneeded files on your computer as determined by the computer.

To perform a system "Cleanup", perform the following:


1. While on the Start screen, press Windows + C or swipe in from the right to open the charms bar.

2. In the search field type "Cleanup".

3. Under "Settings" results select "Free up disk space by deleting unnecesary files".

4. The "Disk Cleanup" window will open.

5. The system will automatically mark items as files that you can delete. Select additional items as desired.

NOTE: If you want to delete System files, select "Clean up System Files". Disk Cleanup will open and calculate how much space will be saved and return to the "Disk Cleanup" window.

6. Once you have selected your files to delete, click "Ok" to begin.

7. You will be prompted to confirm this action.

8. Press "Delete Files" to continue or "Cancel" to exit.