my new toshiba laptop w/ windows 7 is really slow!!

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my new toshiba laptop w/ windows 7 is really slow!!

actually, i'll have to fix myself about the title.

so my problem is that it takes wayyyy to long to get warmed up after the boot.

i just bought this laptop this sunday and uninstalled many not-gonna-use toshiba softwares thinking that it might help my laptop to get warmed up faster but apparently it didn't.

when it's getting warmed up, i literally can't do anything.

if i try to open anything, that'll make warming up longer and still nothing will pop up.

and it takes about... 10minutes to get fully ready. after that, it's super fast. 

but i'm really not liking about this whole waiting for 10minutes after pressing power button.

can anyone help me about this?


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Re: my new Toshiba laptop w/ windows 7 is really slow!!

You may get better options then the one I am gonna suggest so you may want to wait and see what others have to say first.


Anytime I buy a new computer (normally build my own) I always reformat the hard drive then reinstall the software so that I can control more of what gets installed on the hard drive and then don't have any little bits of it left some where in the computer after doing an uninstall. Just an option if no one else has anything

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Re: my new toshiba laptop w/ windows 7 is really slow!!

One big program that can cause it to load like that is the pre installed Norton 360. Try uninstalling that using the Norton Removal Tool. Im my computer, when the desktop appears I click on Internet Explorer and a my homepage comes up like a flash. That's what I love with Windows 7. I dont have an Anti virus program installed though but I dont need one.