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can't install Windows Installer (Windows 7 Home Premium) - L505-S5988

"Novice", who has had two different Tech attempting to install an application, finind that it will not install, due to my not having Windows Installer on my system (don't know how/why it's no longer there).


While I can't tell you exactly what the two techs did, I did see them search my system, looking for it, unsuccessfully, go to Microsoft Download Center, "Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable", and unsuccessful attempts at a number of different downloads, there.


IIRC, they even attempted to resolve by bringing in other applications/tools, but they wouldn't install, even though some were, IIRC, microsoft tools.


At the end, after a total of 6-7 hours over two nights of techs "remotely" accessing my system, trying to fix, I was left with them telling me to call Microsoft for assistance...also asked if I had Windows start up disk (I do not), as that may help "fill-in" what I'm missing on my system.


...appreciate any assistance/feedback someone more experrt than I can provide this "novice".


Thank you!  George

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Re: can't install Windows Installer (Windows 7 Home Premium) - L505-S5988


Satellite L505-S5988 



Have you considered restoring the hard disk to its original out-of-the-box contents using Toshiba recovery media?


See the section Recovering the Internal Storage Drive, which begins on p. 61 of the User's Guide.


   Satellite L500 Series User’s Guide