Windows 7 product key troubles

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Windows 7 product key troubles

Hello all, I bougt a Toshiba Satellite A505-6033 in Febuary and everything was going fine until I had to do a repair installation of Windows 7 when a virus hit.  I admit I used a friends copy of 7 to do the repair installation, but I never had to retype my windows 7 key.  Anyway a few weeks ago I got a popup saying that my Windows 7 wasn't genuine and that I had to activate my copy of Windows 7.


After seeing this message I downloaded a program to view my windows key, and I noticed that it had defaulted to code that definetly wasn't the one that was on my laptop.  I looked under my laptop on the sticker that is attached, and I noticed that some of the letters was rubbed off.  I have tried my best to guess at the missing letters, but unfortuntely I can't seem to figure it out. 


I contacted Toshiba help desk and they said they didn't keep a database of window keys that corresponded to each laptop serial number, and they said that I had to recover the laptop. So a couple of questions:


1) Does toshiba acutally have a database of said keys?


2) If I ordered the recovery disks, wouldn't I have to use the same serial number?  Or would they have that already preloaded (and if so, why can't they tell me it over the phone)?


3) Would Microsoft have a copy of it with my computer information attached to it?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Windows 7 product key troubles

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Get the recovery discs, they are images of an installed operating system and already contain a valid key.  You can't use someone elses retail disc to do a repair or this will happen, because oem and retail discs are not interchangeable.  An oem disc will not accept a retail key, and vice versa.  CD keys wearing off on laptops is an old problem, I have learned to cover them with tape to keep that from happening.


Microsoft makes actual repair discs that work with OEM systems, but it is possible depending on what was repaired that a key may be needed with them on occasion.

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Re: Windows 7 product key troubles

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Satellite A505-S6033



Adding to Lorddethstalker's reply...


As he says, when you restore the hard disk to its original out-of-the-box contents using Toshiba recovery media, the OEM version of Windows restored is pre-activated. The number on the bottom of the laptop is useless.


You can, however, install (or repair/install) the exact same retail version and then restore activation by saving the existing activation first. Scroll down to the Windows 7 version at this page.


   ABR (Activation Backup and Restore)


You can save the activation only from the OEM version. So you will need to restore it in any case.

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