Windows 7 is freezing my laptop

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Windows 7 is freezing my laptop

I have got my laptop A305-S6916 about a year ago. at first it had windows vista 64bit on it and everything was fine

when windows 7 was released I bought a windows 7 professional 64-bit version and installed it.

I have noticed a weird problem happening every now and then. I will be working on the computer and suddenly the computer will freeze and it won't work until I turn it off and turn it on again. this problem happens every week or so

at first I thought it might be because I am not turning off the computer (only hibernating) so I started turning off the computer everyday but the problem still appears about every week, and I won't be doing a lot of heave work on it just writing on a word document and a browser is open, I checked the event manager for windows but I didn't see any errors. I updated the bios but also that didn't solve the problem, the bios version I have right now is "BIOS Version/Date    INSYDE 2.20, 12/7/2009"

if anyone please can help me with this problem I would really appreciate it