Windows 7 drivers for Satellite Pro L510

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Windows 7 drivers for Satellite Pro L510

Recently purchased a Satellite Pro L510 PSLGXA-002002 (comes with Windows 7).

As with all my previous laptops, I usually do a clean reinstall with my own CD and genuine key to get rid of the factory clutters and unneeded software.


The problem is, I can't find Windows 7 drivers in Toshiba's website:


They only provide newer version of drivers/software since the factory preinstalled image was built.

I can't find driver packages that I can just copy in the factory preinstalled Windows 7 either.


I tried installiing Windows Vista's drivers on it under compatiblity mode, but it rejects them.


To be fair, Windows 7 detected most of the hardware after windows update, but what I'm looking for are those Toshiba's official drivers and Toshiba Value Added Package so I can have a clean Windows 7 install.

Otherwise, I have no choice but to use the factory install and start uninstalling things one by one (and this would be my very last resort of doing things).


Do they share similar hardware with other Toshiba models in which I can download the latest Windows 7 drivers from (a la HP/Compaq laptops driver hunting)?


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!