Windows 7 Wireless Drivers

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Windows 7 Wireless Drivers

I have a Satellite a305-s6916 laptop and have reacently upgraded windows 7. But, i remember that when i was upgrading, the upgrade setup asked for me to cancel the setup and go back into vista and uninstall the Intel PROSet/Wireless Network Connection Software so that i can do the upgrade to windows 7. now, i have the windows 7 installed running fine but i am trying to find that software for windows 7 64 bit but cant find it! should i be worried or is there a link where i can find it? ive googled the software but nothing comes  up! thanks in advance

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Re: Windows 7 Wireless Drivers


I ran into the same problem but on a HP notebook. So, let me ask you a few questions..

  1. Where did you get the Window 7 ..  I need to know if it is the RC or RTM.
  2. I believe that the RC did not have all the driver and you need them.
  3. Did you try and get the Intel driver from ... Intel..?

Here is what I know

  • I have an HP5468cl Pavilion Notebook and I got the same message.  I got it because my notebook was not qualified for Vista much less Window 7. So I CHEATED !!!  I made it work anyway.... I am just that kind of guy.
  • What this means is that my XP HP notebook did not have qualified hardware / drivers for Vista. So I just loaded Window 7 RTM ( I never touched RC ) ... And I had to reload the driver for the Intel LAN or RJ45 connector...
  • That driver may be on your system recover disk or it may not
  • You need to check with Toshiba Customer report and validate that this driver will be updated.

Now if you are feeling lucky and you understand that I am not providing support, just a creative work-around, consider download the driver from HP using the model number above... IF YOU DO THIS YOUR ARE ROLLING THE DICE and you are clearly on your own. The only thing I know is that it worked for me and IT MAY or MAY NOT work for you.  So pray about this if you like...

Lastly, check your private email on this board for my direct email address which I will send you..

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Re: Windows 7 Wireless Drivers

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1. i got my windows 7 from a torrent and its the rtm release (final release)

2. had the rc, but in a different partition (dual boot), now i earased all my partitions by recovering my system back to factory defaults.

3. i have it, i even have the installation on my desktop. but, when i try to install them, it says: "Cannot install drivers. No intel(r) adapters are present in this computer.


and i wouldnt want to install any other drivers that are not from toshiba. maybe if somebody else would confirm that it does work, maybe ill try it. other than that, those are the answers to your questions and what it says when i try to install it! hopefully you can help me, because you are that kind of guy lol (just kidding), and or if not somebody sees the info and helps, thanks in advance!



EDIT: After restarting the computer this is also the msg that i get: "The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. Please updated your ATI graphics driver, or enable your ATI adapter using the Displays Manager."


What is the displays manager? so i can check if it is enabled! all of this mess started when i upgraded to windows 7

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Re: Windows 7 Wireless Drivers

Help with pirated software will not be allowed in the forum.  "i got my windows 7 from a torrent".


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