Toshiba Laptop Problems one after another

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Toshiba Laptop Problems one after another

About a week and a half ago my laptop just shut off as if i took out the battery and it wasn't runnin via the wall outlet.  It wouldn't even turn on afterwards.  I tested the battery which had life in it (about 85%) and the wall charger, which was good.  After doing some research I decided I had to replace the Mobo.  The problem was seemingly fixed.  After about 45 minutes of using the laptop though the screen flickered and came back up with vertical RGB lines and then went black.  During that time (about 5 seconds) the sound was frozen.  Once the screen went black it started acting normal, just with no picture.  I forced a restart (viz the power button) and it was working fine.  I decided to just watch it for a bit because I didn't really have anything to ask about symptomwise.  Well, it's been a ay and a half and nothing has been wrong, until about an hour ago.


I was surfing chrome and the entire computer froze out of nowhere.  No cursor movement, no sound, frozen screen...  Had to do a force shutdown by holding the power button again.  When I tried to start it back up I got to the splash screen then the computer froze.  Since then these things have happened (in no particular order or pattern):


-No Toshiba splash screen

-Computer freezes loading windows (doesn't make it past a blank black screen)

-Compter gets a Black screen of death

-Computer gets a Black screen for about 2-3 seconds then tries to load

-Computer freezes in the Advanced boot menu

-Computer freezes in the BIOS (tried to default them, but didn't even make it that far)

-ONCE it asked to enter start-up repair... and then froze while staring it


The only consistent things that happen are that it freezes after about 10-15 seconds of operation and if I leave it on after it freezes to see if it unfreezes the screen kinda of fades.  It looks more "frosty" like 1/2 the pizels just stop working.  I can see everything but the coloring is off.


The inconsistency as well as freezing in the BIOS menu i find both vexxing and confusing.  I don't mind doing a clean install to out of box state as I learned my lesson years ago about not backing information up, although I don't think it's a software issue. (I've been wrong before.) Also, The fan DOES run while frozen, and I was monitering the temperatures to make sure the thermal compound I placed was done properly.  The temperatures weren't very high.  It was running at about 45C to 75C (under about 85% load).


Any help would be great.  My computer information is as follows:


-Toshiba Satellite L455D-S5976

-Part #: PSLY5U-00Q01T

-Windows 7 32-bit

-AMD Turion X2 processor

-4GB RAM: 2 GB factory from Toshiba (I can check if need be) and 2GB from Crucial


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Re: Toshiba Laptop Problems one after another

To help streamline this too I will post a link to another forum where people are discussing this with me also...;track-5775...

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Re: Toshiba Laptop Problems one after another

Replace the NEC Tokin multi capacitor. The capacitor is a decoupling capacitor 4 cap array to decouple the duo cpu preventing mixed signals and inherent noise. 


You could opt to run it under F8 Safe Mode and test the system using one single cpu (16bit Ops) to exclude Thermal runaway on the CPU that would require a good clean radiator and heat dissipation from the cpu fans.


I will try to check here in the next days for any progress and pm me if you need help. Good weekend