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Toshiba A200 Not booting up after installing win7

Help please guys


I installed win 7 on a A200 satellite notebook that was running vista . Everything went ok on the install. It was all up and running find. Ran win updates, restarted several times with no problems. Every thing seemed OK. it had been running about 1hr  when it first said that i didn't have admin rights to change a  setting with avg(Just want to change the setting to scan on start up.)Also said i didn't have admin rights to change the name on the drive IE . Data

Then i restarted it to finish updates ,and when it restarted the Toshiba/ bios screen comes up, then just a black screen with a blinking courser in the top left corner.

Tryed to use the Vista  recover disk,but when started to restore back to factory settings it and had this error code  08-128D-0000


Please help.Any ideas. Toshiba tech thinks it could be hardware