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Satellite A300-15A windows 7 driver problems

I got a problem running Windows 7 to my Satellite A300-15A model no. PSAJ4E-00S00XAR a european model,tried to post on toshiba europe forums but 3 weeks still no answer.Just testing my luck here.

Me and my friend tried Windows 7 on our laptops, my laptop model was stated above while his laptop is from a different manufacturer. After we finished installing windows 7 on our laptop, everything seems fine, most of my laptop's drivers are already up (Windows 7 provided the drivers already), then a after a couple of restarts, my keyboard and touchpad don't work anymore.

To find out the problem, I used a USB mouse and went to device manager, I found out that the touchpad driver is not detected anymore, so I downloaded all the drivers I can find on the support site (I got some knowledge about some basic troubleshooting), then after a installed all the respected drivers, everything seems to work fine again, I restarted and the same problem regarding the drivers came out.

I tried to download all the available drivers for my laptop in the support page, everytime I install a new device driver, some other drivers malfunction, most of the time its the touchpad, keyboard and the display driver.

Is my laptop having compatibility issues regarding windows 7? Or it's got to do with my previous OS (windows vista premium) which is bundled with my laptop? Some say it has something to do with my OS and the OEM thingy, if so, how can I have windows 7 working on my laptop?

All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated just want to maximize my laptop's hardware, windows vista only reads 3gb of my RAM and no matter how I tweak my Vista (removing unnecessary services, applications and processes.
It still eats a minimum of 700mb of my RAM, while my friends windows 7 only eats around 450-700mb of ram with some applications opened (Firefox and yahoo messenger).

I really need those extra RAM for my multitasking and for my school work (I’m a IT student),
I really need to be sure on how can I make Windows 7 works on my laptop.

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Re: Satellite A300-15A windows 7 driver problems

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Re: Satellite A300-15A windows 7 driver problems

Hello there,


I've got the same problem. Glad to see its not my fault!


If you or someone have any new information, it will be of great utility. Sorry I don't have any solucions yet.


Michael, from Spain