Need help with Toshiba MK2552GSX

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Need help with Toshiba MK2552GSX

This was in my brother's laptop that he used for work purposes. Now, he recently had problems with the laptop and after giving it in, they replaced this hard drive for another, but without any data recovery...!


So, he has asked me if I could get in to his hard drive, to recover the data?


I connected it to my computer, Windows 7 64bit, custom built, using a sata to usb adapter. Windows comes up with an error, saying that the drivers could not be installed..


My computer hard drives are setup as ACHSI in bios.


So, how can I get windows to install this hard drive and how can I recover the data?



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Re: Need help with Toshiba MK2552GSX

When you replaece the HD you need to install the Softare for that HD, IS teh Softeare instaled?