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Itunes not working



My itunes will not start. when I double click on the icon nothing, when I double click on the executable from drive C:  in programs folder I get nothing.  I have uninstalled all apple aps and reinstalled all of them.  I have recovered my system from a back up.  I have restored my system from restore points.  I have used msconfig to disable all the non microsoft services to see if I can identify why it will not run and cannot figure it out.  I have tried windows safe mode.  I have tried an older version of itunes which will load, but will not open the library because a newer version of itunes made it. I have searched microsoft web sites and apple web sites for additional solutions. 

I have an ipod nano 5th gen and it worked two weeks ago. I will take the machine to best buy to have them

run it to the ground but that will cost.  I have seriously considered a complete widows 7 system recovery to

the day I got the laptop but I am uncertain exactly what that will do to all my software and stuff. 

I run windows 7 home premium, 64bit, toshiba satellite A505-s6005, 4gb ram, it has all its windows updates

and I use MS security essentials.  I have checked for my firewall to see if it blocks it and have tried

running itunes when fire wall is off and security essentials is not running and still I click on the icon and

get nothing to happen.  I have run a virus sweep, ms malicious software sweep, I have used CC cleaner

and advanced system care 3 scans for registry errors there are none detected. 

I do not know anything else to do except go all the way back to the day I got the computer or go to geek squad

and see what they can do.  I do not know if anyone else has this issue, but I am curious if there are things I have not tried yet.  I really don't like messing with my registry but I am willing to look at some things if needed.Also what exactly happens if I use my 5 system recovery disks I made the day I got the laptop? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.  Because itunes will not work when I connect my nano the computer recognizes it but does not offer itunes from the autoplay list to use it so, it sits like a portable disk drive or open folders to view.




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Re: Itunes not working

I too have an iTunes issue.  My new notebook is an A665-S6050, i3, 4GB DDR3, Windows 7 x64 Home Premium.  I am using iTunes with an iPhone 2G running OS 3.1.3.  My iPhone syncs fine on my old Windows XP notebook but does not sync/backup using my new Satellite.


When I connect the iPhone via USB, the OS recognizes that new hardware has been connected but shows as Internal Storage.  An 'AutoPlay' window appears - I chose to set the response for my iPhone device to 'Take No Action'.  Note that my new machine is authorized with iTunes.


With iTunes running, plugging in the iPhone results in the device (with the correct name) appearing in the iTunes device list.  In a normal iTunes sync, there are 3 to 4 steps (depending on whether there are new/updated apps to be applied to the iPhone).  Doing a sync on my new notebook will show only Step 1 of 1 (not Step 1 of 3 or 4) after which the sync ends.  No iPhone backup or transfer of new/updated apps, video or audio to the iPhone happens with iTunes on Windows 7 x64.


Since transfers don't work within a 'sync', I checked what app updates my iPhone sees then went to my iTunes Applications list and check for updates (the count is the same as on the iPhone).  Then I did a 'Check for Updates' and downloaded all updates to my notebook.  Next, I right clicked on the iPhone in the device list and selected 'Transfer Purchases'.  Something appears to happen based on the iTunes progress bar but when the 'transfer' ends a check of iTunes on the iPhone still shows the same number of unapplied updates.


I did find a similar issue for non-Toshiba products - here's  the Apple discussion forum link:

It appears that for some manufacturer's motherboards, applying the proper BIOS update solves the issue.


I am current on BIOS updates on my machine - was notified by Toshiba about only one update so far.  I am current on all Windows 7 updates.  I am using Norton 360.


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Re: Itunes not working

Awright! success! Thanks Toshiba fans!


I just love it!  I was hoping someone on the Toshiba side of things would help me. However,

I have figured it out.  I visited the microsoft windows 7 support forums one last time before

I was going to spend the weekend running the system recovery disks that came with my

machine from best buy and put everything back 12 months.


I am so not happy.  I purchased an ipod 5th gen nano 9 months ago ($$$) from Best Buy

I opened an itunes account and everything was going well I was spending crazy cash with

apple store for music and videos ($$$$$$$).


Then I left it alone for about a month and went to click on Itunes version 10 icon one day and nothing, nada, zip,

I ran accross several support issues concerning itunes and windows 7 (hundreds) tried them all

but refused to mess with my registry using regedit.  I am not a coder and if I broke something

there is no way I would get out of paying for it at Best Buy to fix it. And you can bet I am sure Toshiba would

gladly take more cash from me too.


I posted here, my itunes woes after plugging away and getting absolutely no answers from Apple.  They too want money to fix anything (incidents) with windows and ipods and would not grant me an exception.

As I had not seen a lot from this forum from other users on it, I figured it was just me.

I was so close to running the compelete system recovery disks and spending days putting a years worth of pics music email adress books back onto the Toshiba laptop then by serendipity, I convinced myself go look at microsoft one more time.


Sure enough the simplest of things, I found a buried article on an earlier version of itunes and a windows 7 issue concerning users that did an upgrade from vista to 7.  I went all the way to the bottom and found a vague reference to bonjour.  It seems windows with itunes and apple bonjour sometimes listed as just bonjour service are not compatible.


So when clicking on the icon to run, it does not execute because windows cannot run it due to the bonjour part

which is the part that makes me mad.  I did not ask for bonjour, it came with the apple downloads. And ealier versions of it was on my box when I got it from Best buy anyway. I wish I was a lawyer, I truly believe for the sake of deleting a single application, somone out there would be quick ready, to share with users.


Sure enough, right after deleting bonjour entirely using Windows Installer CleanUp Utility my itunes works.

So for what it is worth, if you are having difficulties with windows and itunes look at trying to delete the

bonjour service.  Make a back up or restore point first and unless you know what you are doing,

don't mess with your registry entries.  I have absolutely no idea why bonjour affects itunes but

now that I know I thought some one else might find the solution useful.


I am going to find the owner of bonjour they and I are going to have a very long discussion.



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Re: Itunes not working

Good story, Joe. Thanks for posting it.


using Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

Where did you manage to locate that download? Microsoft withdrew it some time ago.

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Re: Itunes not working

I found it here using this link from a www search.

if the link works


downloads a file that says for all versions of windows but you are right I found a recent microsoft technet entry that said the uninstaller was pulled from their downloads due to issues with it but not sure what the issues were.


So it is anybody's guess, I guess.  I am still looking for the bonjour owner.  He and I are going to have a very very long talk.  Smiley Mad

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Re: Itunes not working

Thank you for the link! As I understand it, Microsoft pulled the Uninstaller Cleanup Utility because it doesn't work properly when versions of Microsoft Office above Office 2003 are present. Some made a mess trying to remove vestiges of things.


KB290301 has this..

While the Windows Installer Cleanup utility resolved some installation problems, it sometimes damaged other components installed on the computer. Because of this, the tool has been removed from the Microsoft Download Center. The Fix it Solutions in this article provide the ability to fully remove Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 suites without damaging other Windows components.


Bonjour is an Apple product.

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Re: Itunes not working

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I have windows 7.....My Itune was working fine, then one day Nothing! I just unistalled Bonjour.....and itunes popped open......