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File missing

On startup I am getting an error box on RUN DLL.

Path: c:\users\Law\appdata\local\temp\install_0_.exe


I have no idea what this is. Just started.



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Re: File missing

Which computer? There is a label on the bottom.

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Re: File missing

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Hello LETurner, 

                           The file install_0_.exe is either a harmful executable file. It is some kind of malicious executable file which runs on your whenever your Windows Starts. I strongly advise you go to Start->Run->Type "Msconfig.exe"->Remove any kind of entry that you find suspicious. I advise this because the above mentioned file was found in your Temp folder. This happens when a certain virus hides in your Users folder(c:\Documents & Settings for Windows Xp and C:\Users for Windows Vista & above) and creates a new .exe file (in the temp folder) everytime your computer is started. In your case this new file is install_0_.exe. 

So, perform a boot scan, complete system scan, and for safety purpose, delete all files present in your C:\Windows\Prefetch folder. Hope I helped. Man Happy

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Re: File missing

Thanks for info. Followed our instructions and was able to remove problem. Sorry for late response as I was called out of town for a couple of weeks.

Again Thanks.