ERROR 0x8007045D

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ERROR 0x8007045D

Satellite  p500 pspgsc - 01800t

windows 7 64 bit.

just copying pictures to the backup DVDRW wont work.

use windows and get ERROR 0x8007045D

use toshiba disc utility and get the error shown in the picture.

fortunately i have another  computer and so i was able to put them on the same disc with it.

ideas welcome!

Internet is full of ERROR 0x8007045D questions - but no solutions!

thanks all

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Re: ERROR 0x8007045D

here is the picture. new message cos could not find the forum edit button

thanks all

ps other toshiba is also win7/64 satellite L675

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Re: ERROR 0x8007045D


Satellite P500-018 (PSPGSC-01800T)


just copying pictures to the backup DVDRW wont work

Your problem is not clear. Are you saying you cannot write any files to any DVD on that drive?


Have you tried a different disc type?


Do you have evidence the drive is not malfunctioning?

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