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Driver and Utilities Toshiba Portege M800 For Windows 7

Hi All,

Did anyone know that why i can't find Portege M800 models of laptop at the downloads.

The others models is seems available?...

I just upgraded my portege M800 laptop to windows 7. but unfortunately, they've not given me a driver cd while i buy this laptop. so i lost most of utilitites and drivers.

Thanks first.

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Re: Driver and Utilities Toshiba Portege M800 For Windows 7

This is the USA support site and we only have drivers for the USA models here and they don't sell any M800's here (we have M805s).  They do sell M800s in Europe so you might have better luck finding your drivers there.  They have two different M800 models, the PPM80E and the PPM81E that have WIndows 7 drivers.


If that doesn't work out for you we need to know your EXACT model number?  If that isn't a USA model (and it doesn't appera to be) then you'll need to provide the part number which will look something like this: PPM81U-09LRL2 as well as what country this laptop was purchased in so we can try to figure it out for you.



If you don't post your COMPLETE model number it's very difficult to assist you. Please try to post in complete sentences with punctuation, capitals, and correct spelling. Toshiba does NOT provide any direct support in these forums. All support is User to User in their spare time.