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Can't connect to internet after Windows automatic update



After the latest lot of Windows automatic updates were applied to my Toshiba Satelitte C660-26H laptop, I was unable to connect to the internet because it could not connect to the primary DNS server. I know it's the automatic update that is the problem as a system restore fixed the problem yesterday and the same problem resurfaced after the automatic updates were applied againwhen I switched off my laptop.


The question I'm struggling to find the answer to is what is in the automatic update that is causing my internet connection problems and how do I go about solving it? I have Windows 7.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!





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Re: Can't connect to internet after Windows automatic update

Maybe this Windows Update Troubleshooter will help, Natalie. Especially the part about "I installed updates and now one of my devices doesn't work".




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Re: Can't connect to internet after Windows automatic update


Satellite C660-26H (PSC1LE-02V005EN)


A Polish computer, Natalie?


Probably very similar to this UK model.


Satellite C660-2E1 (PSC1LE-03P005EN)



You have a common problem. The trick to pinning down the culprit is to install a single Windows Update at a time and test after each.


You must turn off Automatic Update and install each one from the Windows Update (wuapp.exe) window.


   Turn automatic updating on or off


I recommend that you never allow Windows Update to change a device driver. Always get them here. That's most likely the problem.


Once you locate the bad update, you can hide it. Right-click the update that you don’t want to see again, and choose Hide Update.


Let us know how it goes.