A205-S4577 Webcam Driver?

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A205-S4577 Webcam Driver?

I've been trying to get the webcam on my Toshiba A205-S4577 now with Win7 and have been having difficulties.


I was finally able to track down my recovery disc, and I installed the Camera Assistant Software (which, by the way, says it will also install the camera driver) and got that up and running. But then when I try to start it (or skype) I get an error telling me to turn on my webcam.


I have been searching for hours and cannot find anything, so does anyone know where I can find a Windows 7 Chicony USB 2.0 Camera driver for this machine? 

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Re: A205-S4577 Webcam Driver?


Satellite A205-S4577 (PSAF0U-01Q009)



This should work. It's for the Australian models in the same part-number family (PSAF0A).


   Chicony Camera Software for Webcam,, Windows 7

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Re: A205-S4577 Webcam Driver?

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Seth, hello.


If you have not yet formatted your HD, good, as all the required drivers are still on it from Toshiba. Look for a folder in C:\ called TOSAPINS, open it up and lo and behold, you will find all your drivers for your particular machine.  I did like you and upgraded to W-7 from Vista, yeah ! Then I needed the drivers and there I found them.  If not, look into Windows -> Windows.old, they might be there yet. In my machine, after doing the W-7 upgrade, I moved the whole file, TOSAPINS, from Windows.old to the C:\ drive proper and after getting out all that I needed out of it, I deleted the empty folder. . . . Windows.old.  This folder is constructed by the install of W-7 to save all your personal data and also the drivers.


If not, go to www.toshiba.com ( or .ca ) search for Support, click it then look for Download.  Try this URL:




I got back on with your page. Take care of the wrap on this long URL and you will see all downloads offered. Keep the reference.


Have fun, I am. Jean.