Re: Toshiba HD DVD Player SDK990 no video and no audio

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Toshiba HD DVD Player SDK990 no video and no audio

I bought this DVD player a few years back and it was just fine until now. Suddenly things stopped working and I have a slight suspicion this has something to do with my 3 year old pressing random buttons on the remote.


Anyways the problem is DVD switches, starts playing at-least as per the DVD display which shows numbers that progress over time. But the TV is unable to get video or audio. I have a HDMI cable connection between DVD player and TV. I ensured the following

  1. TVs input is set to the correct HDMI source.
  2. The HDMI cable is tightly fit
  3. I used different DVDs to rule out problem with DVD
  4. I used my computer monitor capable of taking HD input to rule out problem with TV
  5. I pressed 'Progressive' button on the remote several times in vain
  6. I tried this after totally disconnecting the power cable overnight as that's the process to reset this device

I'm lost on how else to troubleshoot this. Note that since I can't see anything, pressing buttons on remote is a blind proposition but still doable.


Another important thing I noticed is pressing the HDMI Select button on the device or HDMI button on the remote is not showing the LED light on the device. I suspect the HDMI is broken and the regular component video jacks are probably working - but I don't have those jacks to verify this.


Any help is deeply appreciated.


Thanks Rags

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Re: Toshiba HD DVD Player SDK990 no video and no audio

I don't know of a setting that would do that, and resetting it like you did should have taken care of it. I suspect a failure of some sort. You might be correct about the HDMI being broken. If you can borrow component cables from someone, that's probably the easiest troubleshooting step.

- Peter