BDX2000KU - Netflix

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BDX2000KU - Netflix

If I connect my BDX2000KU blu-ray player to a Cisco Linksys Dual Band Wireless - N Ethernet Bridge  (WET610N), will I be able to stream Netflix / Blockbuster videos through it to my Samsung LED TV, given I pay Netflix / Blockbuster for the service?


Note:  - I have Linksys Wireless-N 2.4 ghz router connected to my internet service.





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Re: BDX2000KU - Netflix

To stream movies from Netflix you've got to be running their software on something.  Could be running on the TV itself or something connected to it like a set top box or blue ray player.  But there's got to be a version of Netflix software made to run on that device and the specs for this bdx2000ku don't say anything about Netflix.  


You can bet that Toshiba would be touting that capability if it was built in.