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satellite L305-S5915 graphics driver update

hey. i'm trying to update the graphics driver to my satellite L305-S5915 laptop. i have the upgrade i need. the only problem is since it's from the driver manufacturer's website(intel) and not from toshiba's website, everytime i try to install the upgrade, i keep getting this error window that pops up saying... the driver being installed is not validated for this computer. please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer's manufacturer. setup will now exit. i checked the downloads on toshiba's website and all they have is the one that's currently installed on my laptop... intel(r) graphics media accelerator driver v., the one i need is... intel(r) graphics media accelerator driver v., and they don't have it. is there somebody that can contact toshiba to see if they can provide help for this issue, or better yet, how about seeing if somebody can contact toshiba to find out when they are likely to update the graphics driver mentioned(intel(r) graphics media accelerator driver v. - v. please let me know as to what can be done to resolve this problem. thanks.
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Re: satellite L305-S5915 graphics driver update

The manufacturer's drivers won't work as you've discovered.  The rest of the bad news is that it is highly unlikely that Toshiba will ever issue revised drivers unless it's to correct a bug.  You can browse the site and see if they have any hacked drivers that are newer than what you have and you might sit down with Google and see what you can come up with but the outlook isn't bright.  This isn't, by the way, a problem unique to Toshibas.  Since graphics controller drivers have to be customized by the computer manufacturer to fit their specific implementation, seldom will they try and keep up with the bleeding edge performance enhancements pushed by game designers for instance.