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laptop screen too dim

for some reason I cant get the the screen back to normal brightness, I have used the fn/f7  keys to dim the screen before and brighten again with no problem but now for some reason the f6 f7 does nothing. The laptop is a few years ols ( its a M105) i tried going into control panel and display but still cannpt solve the issue. any help or suggestions very much appreciated.

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Re: laptop screen too dim

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Specifically what model of M105 do you have, and what is the part number for your model? Look on the Toshiba label on the bottom of your computer? As well, what OS version do you use like Windows Vista 32bit, or?



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Re: laptop screen too dim

It could your battery power. Try changing your battery or give it a full charge after completely discharging it first.


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Re: laptop screen too dim



Here is what you can do. In general Sattelite M105 has a common problem. They do have Fn keys combination may stop working. So here is what you need to do, Downgrade the BIOS to the newest version that supports the Windows XP operating system, from the Toshiba Service and Support website at http://pcsupport,

But take note, BIOSes that support Windows XP will have versions numbers lower than 5.00. BIOS versions 5.00 and higher are for Windows Vista only. And, For further assistance. See also Support Bulletin 98081213: Obtaining downloads and support docs from the Toshiba Support website.


Here are some Sattelite M105 series and the Bios version that should be download.


Computer Model:                       Part number starts with:         Bios Version:

Satellite M50/M55                       PSM53--                                1.90
Satellite M100/M105                   PSMA0-- and PSMA1--             2.50
Satellite M100/M105                   PSMA2--                                1.30


For further assistance call: (800) 457-7777 (toll-free) or (949) 859-4273

Well, I hope I helped you in your concern.

Good luck Sir.



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Re: laptop screen too dim

I had this same problem and then realized I needed a new battery. Check your battery out if not it might be your laptop! Smiley Sad