can't find XP video drivers for A215-S7407 laptop

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can't find XP video drivers for A215-S7407 laptop

I have a Toshiba Laptop A215-S7407. I recently installed Windows XP Pro on it since I couldn't install Vista (hung up on 2nd cd with error). I have all the drivers EXCEPT the video drivers. The lack of video drives causes the following problems:
Can't use SKYPE.
Suspend and Hibernate are shaded out.
I can't play movies.
Do you have any idea where I can get XP drivers for the above laptop. They are NOT on the Toshiba support site.

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Re: can't find XP video drivers for A215-S7407 laptop


Satellite A215-S7407 (PSAFGU-01V002)



This display driver should work.


   ATI Display Driver for Windows XP, 8.401-07815m-052613C, 23/01/08


But you should not expect the features of that model to work properly unless you start over and install things in the right order.


In particular, install that ATI display driver prior to any other drivers. Install the Common Module before any other Toshiba utilities.


Get the Toshiba drivers and utilities from the European download site for the equivalent part-number family (PSAFGE). You'll find a couple of dozen downloads to install.


Good luck!

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