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Webcam not working on Laptop L675 Model PSK3AC-06XX0

The webcam wont turn on. The laptop was purchased in Dec 2010. It was working then. I activated SKYPE on Jan 15,2012 and the webcam wont work. I have reloaded the driver and and then reloade skype with the same results. When I open web camera apps i can turn on the camara but only record the generic picture. Whats the problem??????

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Re: Webcam not working on Laptop L675 Model PSK3AC-06XX0

Try using System Restore to restore a previous restore point from before this became an issue.

If you haven't used it since your purchased the notebook and don't know when it was last working, you might want to try the most recent one or two restore points to see if it fixes the issue.


You could also try completely uninstalling Skype, then reinstalling the driver, and then install Skype again.


As that's a Canadian model, you should contact support at Toshiba Canada for more information.

- Peter