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Video problems

Have a Toshiba P105 S9339 that went south. All pointers lead to the graphics card. All technicians I talked to said the video card was integrated onto the motherboard. Bought a new motherboard but when I went to swap oit out discovered that it has a discreet  video card. What are the chances the problems were caused simply by the thermal grease drying out? The grease for the CPU was also dried out. Can that cause problems or doesn't it matter? Now I guess I have to shop for a new grahics card. cost more that the motherboard.

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Re: Video & Audio problems

After many months of using the Standard VGA video drivers while trying to get Toshiba's Nvidia 7900GS video drivers to work (every one I could download), I disassembled my S9339, cleaned off and replaced all of the dried out thermal grease on processor and video card chips and heat sinks. Reassembled the unit and it fired up and detected the graphics card, automatically loaded the Win7 Nvidia GeForce Go 7900GS driver and worked perfectly for about a week.  Then it suddenly went south again and now refuses to recognize the graphics card and driver.  Reverted back to using Standard VGA driver to get a display which has lots of dots.  To add to my continued frustration with this machine, I'm unable to get speaker audio with Win7 regardless of which driver I load. I suspect a major design flaw with the S9339 motherboard and/or BIOS which Toshiba will not acknowledge even though their TV ads want us to believe they care about the reliability for their laptops. They've definitely lost me as a repeat customer for any of their products.