Toshiba Satellite C655 screen 'bleed-through' problem.

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Toshiba Satellite C655 screen 'bleed-through' problem.

Hi folks,


Either this just started, or I'm just now noticing it.


I just moved my shortcut icons from the left vertical position on my desktop to the top row.  Now when I go to my desired webpage (this forum for example) I can see the outline 'haze' of these icons at the top.


As I'm typing this, I'm thinking it's probably not a good idea to place these icons in that area because of the way the current page 'overlays' the desktop..  i.e. I can still see about a half inch of the blue desktop screen at the top of my current page.


Obviously new to computers, but am I on the right track?



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Re: Toshiba Satellite C655 screen 'bleed-through' problem.

Are you just seeing the bleed through in the top "title bar" part of the foreground window?  If so, then it's on purpose, some graphical eye-candy of the Default Windows "Aero" theme.