Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

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Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

Hi! I had a notebook that is a toshiba sattalite L670-14F with 64bit windows 7.
But I installed 32 bit windows 7 and when I m doing this I deleted my orjinal
windows image that comes with my notebook, so I can't use it again.
Here is the problem, when I look at my device manager I cant see my video
card. The windows doesn't detect it and there is a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
under Display adapters.
I m woked on that problem about 3 days and still can't solve it.
I tryed to reinstall windows 7 32x, to use w7 64x, to use XP, disable or uninstall VGA driver and shearch in safe mod, updating BIOS, Download the driver from ATI' s web site(It says there is no any suitable hardware.)
I heard something like hotfix I cant find any link Smiley Frustrated Pls help me that turns me crazy.
My video card is ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 HD.

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Re: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

I found a solution.

This is a driver for ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 HD
I found this in  a forum where I asked for help.
I tryed this in w7 32 bit one and its worked.
if doesn't work try in Windows 7 64 bit: