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Screen turns green when trying to watch vimeo video

I'm getting an error message "display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" when trying to play videos on Vimeo.  Anyone have any suggestions to remedy this? When I click on the play arrow, the video starts, but the video lags, but you can still hear the audio.  After a few seconds the screen goes black, then comes back on.  But, the video screen turns solid green and the audio can still be heard.  Any suggestions to remedy the display driver malfunction?  Thanks.

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Re: Screen turns green when trying to watch vimeo video

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Without even asking I bet you have an nvidia graphics card.

Recently there have been issues with Nvidia and drivers.

When I had that problem I was using a newer version of the nvidia driver and after uninstalling it and reinstalling the original driver found on the Toshiba site, the problem went away.


If that does not work, try the newest drivers from the Nvidia site.  Make sure you get the M (mobile drivers)


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