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Screen display turned sideways

Can anyone help me figure out how to turn my desktop back to normal?  Daughter was banging on the keys and all of a sudden the desktop was sideways. 

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Re: Screen display turned sideways

Never mind...I looked at the post under mine about the screen going narrow.  I right clicked...went to grphics options..and changed the rotation to normal.  Now how in the world did a 4 year old make that happen?

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Re: Screen display turned sideways

Screen rotation hotkeys:


For Intel Graphics


Rotate to Normal: Ctrl + Alt + Up
Rotate 90 Degrees: Ctrl + Alt + Left
Rotate 180 Degrees: Ctrl + Alt + Doiwn
Rotate 270 Degrees: Ctrl + Alt + Right

For NVIDIA GeForce graphics: Ctrl + Shift + R

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Re: Screen display turned sideways


I had the same problem when I was  reading PDF file in my bed lying on the bed, I moved my remote mouse somehow around area top keys at HOME, END  PRTSC, all of a sudden the page turned 90 degrees clockwise, Oh I thought this is good to read document lying down on bed placing my laptop on my side of my head.


Now next day I wanted turn back to normal, then I cannot find any solution and kelleyf42 solution helped.

Right click on screen and select turn clock wise. repeated 3 times and got back to normal.


Solution by Pensacola Tiger did not do anything for my Satelite U500.




So, my question is what a hell did I do to turn 90 degrees CW?

I can imagine it relates to this touch pad.