Screen and Boot Problems

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Screen and Boot Problems

Hi Everyone!


I'm hoping someone can help me out with this because I'm at a total loss.  I have an old Tecra A4 with Windows XP.  About a week ago, I booted up my computer to find that it was ignoring about 3-4 inches of the screen on the right side and about a half inch on the bottom.  The right side of the screen in black and it will not allow the mouse to travel that far over, it just makes everything that would be on my normal screen fit into the smaller space.  At that point, I restarted the laptop and it went back to normal...full screen and all and it has been fine, until...


Today I went to restart my computer (from a full screen) and it refused to boot up.  All I could see was the Toshiba message at the beginning of the boot process.  It won't boot from a disk, in safe mode, or any other way, but it was definitely ignoring the right side of the screen again (even while on that initial Toshiba screen).  I finally got it to boot up by leaving it on that initial Toshiba screen for a while and then lightly pressing the power button once.  Then the boot process kicked in and Windows booted normally with all of my data/programs still present, but it is still ignoring the right 3-4 inches and the bottom half inch of my screen.  If I try to reboot, it just gets stuck on that Toshiba screen again.


What happened to my computer?? Please help me!!