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Screen Problems ++

I have three main problems with my Toshiba satellite M305D (Windows Vista 64 bit):


1- Screen problem

The screen goes blank, sometimes the screen turns white or even reddish and very thin vertical lines appear on it.  but that’s not the only problem.


2- It gets incredibly hot even with adequate ventilation and cooling pad.


I worked with a lot of laptops and never seen any of them get hot like this.


3- It shuts down unexpectedly (sometimes even when it's NOT hot.).

Sometimes it just shuts down. It dies. sometimes SHUTS DOWN EVEN WHEN IT IS NOT HOT! Even when battery is fully charged and even if it's connected to an electrical outlet. It does NOT go into the sleep mode, it just shuts down suddenly and without any warning, as if someone took the battery out and cut off the electricity. 


I’ve never been so dissatisfied with a computer before. It was a total waste of money.

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Re: Screen Problems ++

Same problem, I guess no solution

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Re: Screen Problems ++

I can only think of one thing... Hardware issue, either the cooling pad, board, fan, etc is causing this


Hope your system is still under warranty for repair.



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