Satellite P35 Series S609

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Satellite P35 Series S609

I am using my father's laptop computer. It is a few years old. Recently the screen just went out. It is totally black. It went out slowly right before my eyes. The computer is still operating, I am using it now but my husband has hooked up another monitor to it. Please, if anyone knows, let me know what I can do to fix it or if I will have to take it to a computer repair shop.

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Re: Satellite P35 Series S609

If your computer suddenly not displaying anything on the screen, it can be that the computer locked up OR lcd problem.


How to check it?


Here's what to do..


If AC-in, On/Off, Battery, HDD LEDs are lit TRY THIS

1. Remove AC adapter and battery from computer.

2. Press power button for 10 secs to release remaining power from computer.

3. Plug AC adapter to laptop and try powering it on, if it displays anything, just wait for it to come up then shut it down properly then put the battery back in.


If the above mentioned doesn't work

Attach an external monitor to laptop to check if something will display on the external monitor.

If nothing appearing on external try pressing Fn+F5 to toggle display devices.


If none of them work search for Authorized Service center or Call the Support Hotline for repair.