Satellite Laptop Black Screen on Boot

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Satellite Laptop Black Screen on Boot

It seems that whenever the laptop runs out of juice and dies, the screen is black and won't display anything (POST or anything).


Anyways, I googled the problem before and someone had said to press a button when it boots up and that fixed it.  Long story short, I forgot to write down what it was.  Anyone have any ideas?



I removed the battery and let it boot off power supply, but same result.

Removed the battery and held the power button for 60 seconds then put the battery in and power up, but same result.
Tried holding 0 (zero) and pressing the power button, but same result. (Suggested via another thread I saw on google)

There is hard drive activity when it boots and the backlight turns on, just no display.

Removed RAM and reseated as well as only booting off one (vs the 2 it came with).

When I connect it to a monitor, the monitor can detect the resolution, but doesn't display anything.


Ok, lets hear some suggestions so I don't have to hear the GF compain all day about the laptop Smiley Tongue

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Re: Satellite Laptop Black Screen on Boot

Bumppp....Anyone have any ideas?