Problem with screen in Satellite P755

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Problem with screen in Satellite P755

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Hi all ...

First sorry for my weak English since am not native speaker !!


I am really really disappointed with Toshiba .. When I decided to buy A notebook I thought there are better than other brand but unfortunately it is NOT .
 The customer service is really bad (I tried to send a lot of e-mail but their e-mail is not working ).


My problem with my laptop showed up after 5 month from buying it ... The screen is freezing sometimes and  sudden shutdown happen.. I took it to service provider here in Qatar (Qatar speak Arabic and there is no one understand Arabic in that center so I suffered to make them understand me ) . They change the Main Board and told me the problem has been fixed .. After 1 weeks the problem happened again !! When I get it back to them they didn't know where is the problem exactly and told me I have to wait until they figure it out!!!

I had spoken to Toshiba regarding this and they asked me to send a compliment with all document I have to this e-mail( but it is not working ....


can anybody tell me how to send complain to Toshiba about my problem


thank you all.

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Re: Problem with screen in Satellite P755

Toshiba operates separately in each region, and this forum belongs to Toshiba USA. I don't know the exact procedure in your region.

- Peter