No Display in Satellite L455-S5008

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No Display in Satellite L455-S5008

I have sent last week my toshiba laptop to the repair center (and this is the THIRD time) for the same issue!

When I turn on the laptop sometimes, there is no display, while the Power light is on!! so then I need to turn the computer off pressing on the On/Off button, and then turn it on again and enter in safe mode.

Other than that, when I close the lid, the computer turns into sleep automatically, so if I touch the mouse pad after a while (4-5 hours), the same issue occur again, NO display on the screen but the lights are on and the computer is working. How can I fix this problem???


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Re: No Display in Satellite L455-S5008

I just got in a Toshiba Satellite L455 - with Windows7 HP that has the same problem. Just after a few minutes or from boot up.  The laptop screen turns off. What I have found out is if you turn off the power function of sleep mode to do nothing when you close your laptop lid, the screen would come back up, but sometimes turn off promptly. Sometimes it would stay on.


I thought at first it was a bad backlight problem, but its not.  Come to find out, if you have a magnet in your home, run it across the top of the left screen.  You will find that there is a magnet inside the screen it should try to attach to it or retract from it. Place the magnet on the bezel to the left of the mouse pad about where the screen would have closed where the magnet is in the screen.


Your display should be working now.


At this point I'm not sure if its software or hardware.  I imaged the hard drive and extracted the data for recovery and ran the Toshiba Recovery Wizard and wipe the laptop to factory.


The screen is still not working so it has to be the Motherboard and guess what is out of warranty.


I know that I disabled the feature that allows the computer to go into sleep mode via in the power options to do nothing when i close the lid.  I don't understand why the magnet has anything to do with why the monitor will not stay on.  Maybe a Toshiba thing. I've suggested to the client to purchase a new laptop due to the fact that her battery will not hold a charge and she has a Celeron Intel processor - which makes her laptop an attached to the wall desktop now.


Time to purchase a new computer with a 3 or 5 year warranty and accidental damage warranty.




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